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The Fiat 500 Family

22nd December 2017

Since its rebirth 10 years ago the new Fiat 500 has gone from strength to strength and at the heart of its appeal  is the retro 'cute' looks which pay homage to the original design.

All in all Fiat have done a good job since the relaunch of the 500 to continually refine the vehicle, the interior has morphed into a much more refined experience, albeit small there is a little more room than you;d expect. The drive is  less bumpy affair, don't get me wrong the vehicle is what it is, its a cute, small car best suited to around town driving but a much smoother affair these days!

So what of the 500 family, well some cynics might say Fiat are trying to 'cash in' on the popularity of the 500 by adding a model range that take the name but are much less recognisable as a Fiat 500.

Here's a summary of the Fiat 500 offerings:

New Fiat 500 C Soft TopThe Fiat 500C is the cute convertible featuring electronic soft top and albeit not a full convertible in the  pure sense  (some competitors have referred to it as a big or over-sized sunroof)  it's still a lovely little car.

Standard features include a 5 inch infotainment screen, Bluetooth, DAB radio, air con, rear parking sensor and alloy wheels it packs all the basics and then some as standard across the range, its cute and the only drawback might be it will cost you more than the standard 500 model like for like, other than that its only the British weather than can spoil the experience for you!

Fiat 500X Crossover

The Fiat 500X is the small SUV/Crossover that retains some hints of the distinct looks of the little 500 especially when you view the vehicle front-on. Obviously you get the higher driving position and a meatier, much bigger car. The 500X offers all wheel drive options and petrol/diesel engine options, our preference is the 1.6 diesel which offers good fuel economy and 0-62mph in approx 10.5 seconds so its not too sluggish either. Equipment levels are very good even on entry-level models and it competes well in that department with more expensive/established crossovers. If you're looking for a crossover then its definitely one you should look at.

Fiat 500L MPV

The FIat 500L
 is the small MPV version of the 500 family, there is a 5 seater or bigger 7 seater option (the Fiat 500L Wagon). The original 500L boasted class leading practicality which made it a big seller for Fiat. It faces stiffer competition these days but still stacks up well against the competition. You get plenty of engine options with the twin air petrol options provide the best performance, however we think he diesels will be a better option for most people.and again we like the 1.6 diesel. To add a little confusion there's a 500L Cross, a Crossover version of the 500L.

When compared with rival MPVs the 500L does not come up trumps when it comes to refinement or comfort but if you are looking for practically, space and equipment levels then its right up there and well worth a look.

If you are looking to buy a new Fiat 500 you can go direct to Fiat and take advantage of their 0% finance offer or alternatively browse a large range of discounted new Fiat 500 models here.

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